Approved Materials List

Material Notes
Plywood Laser ply is required. Normal plywood is not laser compatible.
MDF & LaserMDF Dirty. Cleanup required. Use knife edge bed. Do not use honeycomb bed.
Wood Veneers
Styrene (sheet) Emits heavy smoke.
Brass, Bronze, Copper Lead-free alloys are preferred. Will not cut, but can be engraved with Cermark.
Steel Can be engraved.
Aluminum Anodized aluminum can be engraved. Mill finish cannot.
Slate Can be engraved.
Silicone (thin sheets) Anything else chars and doesn't cut.
White Delrin/Acetal Fire hazard.
Polypropylene It will cut up to about 2mm. Fire risk.
GPPS/Polystyrene/HIPS (thin sheets)Foam variants are highly flammable and prohibited, dense sheets only.
Non-chlorinated rubber
Depron foam The only approved foam for laser cutting.
Magnetic Sheet
Glass/Ceramic Engrave Only
Whiteboard/Blackboard Masonite

Prohibited Materials List

Material Notes
PVC PVC releases chlorine which combines with moisture in the air to create hydrochloric acid. The acid damages the laser and the ventilation system, and is hazardous if inhaled.
Plywood Normal plywood glue is incompatible with laser cutting. Can release formaldehyde
HDPE (milk cartons) Clogs the bed.
ABS Clogs the bed, emits cyanide.
Black Delrin/Acetal Contains black carbon which can be toxic.
Teflon Toxic.
Lexan/Polycarbonate Absorbs IR light, reducing laser efficiency. Yellows when cut.
Fibre glass Unknown resin, glass particles.
Carbon Fiber
Magnesium Magnesium fires are especially difficult to extinguish. Because of this hazard, magnesium cutting/etching is not permitted.
Asbestos laden materials Any process that releases asbestos is forbidden by Federal and state law.

Material Sources

Laser Cutter Materials Forum Discussion
Delvie's Plastics
Ocooch Hardwoods
TAP Plastics

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