make717 is proud to be 100% volunteer run

Get to know our volunteers below!


Ben Eisemann

Ben is one of the two cofounders of make717. Ben oversees all program areas and day to day operations. 

3D Printing

Sam Bischel

Sam is a senior at Southern Illinois University Carbondale majoring in Industrial Management and Applied Engineering. He is also a creative media intern for 13/15 of the D1 sports teams for Saluki Athletics. Sam oversees all training, maintenance, and procurement. 

Eric Sloan

Eric oversees our Beginner 3D printing training curriculum. You will more than likely find him in a kilt making something cool.

Harry Batterson

Harry is a retired recycling plant supervisor. He assists with maintenance as well as volunteers as a MIC

Mark Dilts

A part time MIC, Mark is a Mechanical engineer and teaches the Formlabs 3D printing class. Mark can also help if you need sourcing of laser cut and welded parts.


Timothy Story

Timothy fell in love with electronics during his 7th-grade year of school, which led him to pursue a degree in electronic engineering from Thaddeus Stevens. He now co-oversees the electronics area at the makerspace with Jared Houze, where he dabbles in Arduino programming and LED display projects, as well as improving the FabLab.

Jared Houze

Jared co-leads the electronics area alongside Timothy Story, while dabbling in his own LED and Arduino focused projects. You will often find him in the FabLab painting 3D printed models or helping other makers with the nuances of our equipment.



Phil Oles

Phil oversees the manual machining area.

Kyle Hossler

Kyle is the MachineShop Director and oversees training for the Tormach CNC mill. A machinist by trade, he enjoys sharing those skills and helping others with their projects.

Mike Ireland

In addition to his role as MIC, Mike also runs equipment orientations and training for several pieces of equipment at make717. His other volunteer activities include, Trustee for the ELANCO Library, the Library System of Lancaster County, Boy Scouts of America, and Kiwanis Club of New Holland, He is retired from a career in factory automation, primarily in the CNC business working with machine tool builders. He likes to make things and read as he considers reading a great way to learn stuff.


Micah Story

Micah has been active at make717 since 2017 and is the current volunteer instructor for the Carvey.

Tom Shevock

Tom has spent his career in information technology and telecommunications. His interests include woodworking, photography, and electronics. At make717 he is a teacher in the woodshop, specifically the SawStop Tablesaw, and has made significant use of the 3D printers to aid his interests.

Andrew Dallas

Andrew has a background in HVAC maintenance as well as around 15 years of woodworking experience. He is currently overseeing maintenance and operation of the Laguna 14|BX bandsaw in the woodworking area.

Makers in Charge (MICs)

A.J. Cobian

A.J. is a volunteer Maker in Charge.

Alex Van Patten

Alex enjoys merging his interest in amateur radio with the ability to fabricate custom items/parts at make717. He can be found in a multitude of areas of the shop as he explores all of the wonderful tools available for use.

Alan Dallas

Alan is a volunteer Maker in Charge and is in charge of laser maintenance. 

Andrew Powell

Andrew has been a make717 member since 2021, and is a father to a special needs son who uses a wheelchair. Andrew mostly focuses on projects geared toward assistive technology, but from early summer through late fall he is usually at make717 developing components for his son’s elaborate Halloween costumes.

Bob Murphy

Bob has been a member since October 2015. He is trained in almost all of the equipment make717 has to offer. He enjoys meeting new members and seeing their various projects. He enjoys both the social aspects of membership and familiarizing new members with various tools in the makerspace. 

Chad Ressler

Chad is a volunteer Maker in Charge.

Gregg Martell

Gregg is a retired candy maker. He loves programming and dabbles in electronics, woodworking and home automation. At make717 he volunteers as a Maker-In-Charge and is on the board of directors.

Stephanie Stevenson

Stephanie is a volunteer Maker-in-Charge

Steven Sloma

Steven is a volunteer Maker in Charge.

Wes Bischel

If you encounter Wes, he will most likely be working to repair or refurbish a piece of equipment for make717. Either that or working on a car part.

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